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The water in Tenerife has a very high mineral content, it has a higher than normal concentration of dissolved minerals like Calcium and Magnesium. As a consequence, as it evaporates it leaves behind calcium carbonate deposits, otherwise known as lime scale.

So in Tenerife, people normally use domestic cleaning products which remove a certain amount of lime scale. However in most cases they do not remove the much finer mineral scale deposits which form in the ceramic bowl of water closets. No domestic products work well on this scale, bleaching does not work but it can sometimes make the toilet bowl look cleaner. The mineral scale accumulates very quickly, especially if the WC float valve or flushing valves are not working properly.

We offer a specialist cleaning service to remove lime scale and mineral scale from toilet pans, ceramic tiling stone and some metal fittings. We use a combination of safe industrial chemicals and hard work.

We can also provide general domestic cleaning services via our sister company, Tenerife Cleaning Specialists.

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Lime and mineral scale is unsightly and it harbours bacteria

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