Tenerife Descaling​

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Tenerife Descaling Services

We are able to remove built up mineral scale on ceramic wall and floor tiles, either in bathrooms or on terraces.

One of our most popular services is the descaling of toilet bowls, they come up like new.

We can also carry out descaling of ceramic tiles in swimming pools using a variety of chemicals and abrasive cleaners

Through our sister company Tenerife Cleaning Specialists we are also able to provide a full range of domestic cleaning services.

Quality Assurance

The work we carry out is of a specialist nature and has been developed and tested using chemicals to soften or remove the build-up of scale so that it can be removed. We do not cause damage to any ceramic finishes.

For the cleaning of plated metalwork such as taps and sanitary fittings we only use lower strength chemicals to avoid damage to plating.

Our Services